The first VR car lift theatre

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IdealPark and Dimora Home Automation joined forces to create this new transportation device that takes the cars from the street level to the underground garage: this hidden car lift turns an ordinary ride home into an incredible journey.

Invisible to the outside eye when the lid is lowered, this car lift seamlessly blends with the surroundings, concealing both the lift and the cars down below.

The onboard immersive environment designed by Dimora Home Automation sports 360° projection, creating extraordinary environments from ocean floors to breathtaking aerial views. Paired with a Dolby Atmos audio system, the driver’s one-minute ride to or from their home becomes an exclusive and magical experience.

The sequence shown in the video puts the driver right on the lane of the most iconic car race in Montecarlo and then dives him into the wonders of the ocean.

Video contents are constantly updated and can be custom ordered to suit every specific environment. Footage can also be automatically selected on a per-user or per-car basis, while live streaming is also available from the most popular online broadcasting services, such as Netflix or YouTube.

With the ability to travel up to 9.65m with a platform length of 6.46 X 2.95 M and capacity of 3.500 KG, the car lift is meant to link the two floors, street and garage. The lift can alternatively be called from an operator panel with a fingerprint scanner, by an automatic reading of the car’s license plate or by the dedicated app.

The surveillance system detects the car approaching and automatically sends the platform to the street level. Safety is guaranteed by several camera devices and sensors located both inside and around the lift’s area which ensure that only your car is entering and exiting the lift.

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The first VR car lift theatre

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