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Glass Blocks for Smart Building Designs

Seves Glassblock has created a line of “smart” technologically advanced glass blocks designed to meet specific building prerequisites without limiting creativity.


By law, many public buildings such as hospitals, public transportation stations, museums and offices, require proper lighting and safety.

Daylight is an important resource that can be used to help keep energy costs down. The natural transparency of glass blocks can help illuminate interiors during the day, creating bright and comfortable public spaces with limited need for artificial lighting.

If sustainability is the goal, Seves’s Energy Saving glass blocks can also help reduce energy consumption, while maximizing natural light. They provide increased thermal insulation to maintain constant inside temperatures, no matter what the weather is outside.

Security is another key factor in building design, important not only for the safety of all occupants but for the protection of merchandise and material goods as well. Glass blocks can provide high mechanical resistance to bullets, and are suitable for virtually any type of vertical or horizontal application requiring increased security. For additional safety, fireproof glass blocks can offer up to 30, 60 or 90 minutes of protection from flames, smoke and heat (based on European standards).

Acoustic insulation, especially for hospitals and libraries located in congested city centers, is another one of the many features of glass blocks. Facades and windows made entirely of glass blocks can effectively reduce noise transmission from the outside while keeping interior spaces quiet and peaceful.

Seves’s glass blocks come in endless sizes, formats, colours, glass designs and finishes to offer infinite design possibilities for any commercial application or public building. They are also ideal for maximizing privacy in public waiting rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, offices and hallways: the wavy glass design and satin finish make it possible to brighten spaces with natural light and still maintain the level of intimacy desired.

Now more than ever it’s time to reconsider the glass block as an important tool for modern architecture, capable of responding to the most challenging building requirements with style and elegance.