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The hotels undergo continuous renovations and changes of decoration to improve the well-being of their guests and for aesthetic reasons. One of the elements that are beginning to rehabilitate are its facades. And not only do it for aesthetic reasons, but also to improve insulation and on energy savings. Today we are going to talk about the solutions for the lining and the rehabilitation of facades of hotels.

The first buildings that began to request the rehabilitation of the facades were public buildings, especially the hospitals, since with solutions like the ventilated façades could save in their energy bills. Behind them, one of the sectors which most demand is the hotel sector. The proposed buildings not only seek to improve the well-being of their customers, but also get a significant savings of around 40%.

The most effective solution is the installation of rainscreen façades taking advantage of the rehabilitation. On many occasions, if the facade is not very deteriorated, you can implement this insulation system taking advantage of the current materials. However, when the facade is very deteriorated, an integral rehabilitation must be carried out. Luckily, the intervention of the hotels for some time is done with minimal interference to guests, because this type of reforms does not require working inside the buildings.

Rehabilitation of the hotel OD, Barcelona
Rehabilitation of the hotel OD, Barcelona

At the time of undertaking rehabilitation works on the facades’ hotels should consider if the façade is historic or if it is protected. In these cases, the reform must be done from the interior so as not to alter the facades and the protected exterior cladding. The rehabilitation of hotel factories will consist of correcting thermal bridges to improve insulation and reduce the risk of condensation.

Rehabilitation of the hotel OD, Barcelona

An example of façade’s hotel rehabilitation is the project of the Hotel OD of Barcelona. This is a facade renovation project in which we were asked to replace the existing stone and maintain the original curtain wall enclosure that currently supports the stone.


Thanks to the versatility of our facade systems we can install the new stone without altering the current enclosure, which we will use as a primary substructure for the placement of our HPL120 system.In this way the rehabilitation of the façade of the hotel will be carried out faster and at a lower cost than if the entire enclosure had to be rebuilt.

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