Details on stadium roof reliably waterproofed

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The Polish football club Zaglebie Lubin's own stadium was built between 2007 and 2009. More than 16,000 football fans gather there

to cheer their team on. All the seats in the stadium are covered by a roof weighing in at 24 tonnes. The stadium also boasts 194 floodlights, which ensure that fans get a great view of the action even during evening matches.

The stadium's roof is constructed from coated trapezoidal sheet metal. In a number of places this roof leaked right from the outset, allowing rainwater to penetrate. Overlaps between sheets, pylon penetrations, external gutter and joint connections, as well as details such as screws and gullies constituted weak points that compromised the roof's functionality.

Requirements for the system design in detail:

- Reliable waterproofing of complex forms

- Adhesion to a variety of metals

- Elastic material

- Can also be applied in low temperatures

- Minimal dependency on weather conditions

- Short curing times

Since Triflex ProDetail moulds precisely to the details of the roof, contractors from the company PHU DEKPO opted for the detail waterproofing system. Developed specially for joints, the PMMA-based repair material creates a homogeneous, seamless surface with no joints. Thanks to the full-surface reinforcement, the system solution absorbs movement from other functional layers without ill-effect. It adheres to almost all substrates without the need for primer, and the full-surface bonding means there is no underflow of rainwater. Short curing times enable swift refurbishment. European Technical Approval (ETA) with CE mark in the highest usage categories guarantees certified safety for investors and contractors alike.

The building process at a glance:

- Pre-treatment of the roof surface using a high-pressure cleaner and cleaning with Triflex Cleaner

- Abrasion of the sections to be worked on

- Taping off the sheet metal joints with duct tape and covering of larger settlement joints with PVC film

- Priming of concrete elements with Triflex Cryl Primer 276

- Waterproofing of joints, gutters, penetrations and other details with Triflex ProDetail

Details on stadium roof reliably waterproofed

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