When it comes to wind energy, Triflex has an ace up its sleeve

Triflex GmbH & Co. KG
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Often in exposed locations, the slim-line structures are subject to heavy loads from storms, fluctuations in temperature, rain, ice and snow. Their foundations have to withstand significant structural movements. This can cause cracks and damage in the surface. If these are not dealt with, moisture can penetrate into the tower and foundations. In the long term this can damage the stability of the turbines whereby even in the most extreme cases there is no risk of the turbine tipping over.

Maintenance-free waterproofing system

To prevent damage of this nature and to extend the service life of wind turbines, Triflex, the specialist for liquid applied waterproofing has developed the maintenance-free tower and foundation waterproofing system, Triflex Towersafe. Waterproofing using the fully reinforced high-performance resin based on fast-curing elastic polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) can be completed in the space of a day. This prevents downtimes and also boosts efficiency.

Flexible special-purpose fleece reinforcement ensures the permanently elastic system properties of the liquid applied waterproofing system. Liquid application allows upstands, folds and even complex details, like the tower flange, to be waterproofed, leaving no seams or joints. The waterproofing resins used are weather-resistant and are available in a DIN 51130-compliant non-slip finish. The system is root and rhizome resistant and can be used in areas covered in soil without any problem.

Against the backdrop of resource conservation and the protection of increasingly powerful wind giants, with Triflex Towersafe the company offers a maintenance-free waterproofing system which serves to extend the service life of these environmentally friendly electricity producers and, in turn, significantly boost their efficiency.

When it comes to wind energy, Triflex has an ace up its sleeve

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