Triflex ProPark provides durable protection against loads and moisture

Triflex GmbH & Co. KG
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With Triflex ProPark surface waterproofing, Triflex offers a tailor-made long-term solution with a guaranteed high degree of reliability and user-friendliness. The 2-component system based on PMMA effectively waterproofs car parks.

Triflex ProPark is elastic and dynamic crack-bridging according to the requirements for surface protection systems in Class OS 10. As such, extensions of up to 0.3 mm in cracks in the substrate due to thermal and mechanical loads can be absorbed without any ill-effect. The system adheres to the entire surface of all substrates commonly used in car parks. The liquid applied waterproofing has a short curing time and forms a seamless surface with no joints. Complicated details including joints and penetrations can be quickly and easily waterproofed, even in changeable weather conditions. The fleece-reinforced waterproofing is quick and easy to apply cold in ambient temp. of betw. -5°C and 35°C and provides lasting protection against weather and environmental influences.

The liquid waterproofing which is applied cold is quick and easy to use. After suitable pretreatment of the substrate, specially trained contractors apply Triflex Cryl Primer 287 to mineral substrates and Triflex Cryl Primer 222 to bituminous substrates. After a brief waiting period, a thick layer of Triflex ProPark waterproofing system is applied. The entire surface is covered with a special fleece and then a second layer of Triflex ProPark is applied. The liquid applied waterproofing is rainproof after approx. 30 min. and can be re-coated after approx. 45 minutes. For the final, high-strength wearing layer, Triflex offers solutions tailored to the demands of the structure.

Triflex ProPark provides durable protection against loads and moisture

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