Get up and down safely

Sarah Opitz-Vlachou
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Triflex TSS coating system developed specially for stairs

Triflex has developed a thick coating with a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) base specially for stairs. Triflex TSS works like a protective shield against external influences and ensures a non-slip surface which can be decorated. As a result, it extends the service life of the stairs and guarantees users the necessary level of safety.

With a layer thickness of four millimetres, the system levels out any minor unevenness, is abrasion-resistant and permanently withstands high mechanical loads. Triflex TSS is cold-applied and offers full-surface adhesion. As it is applied in liquid form and is fleece-reinforced, it waterproofs steps flexibly and is statically crack bridging. The stair edges on the individual steps can be reinforced with metal bars to permanently increase safety for users. Details such as balustrade posts can also be seamlessly integrated in the coating of any stair construction.

With the R 12 non-slip class, the Triflex TSS self-levelling mortar achieves maximum anti-slip protection. Test certificates verify the high quality of the product. The coating is weather and UV-resistant, in addition to being resistant to chemicals, making it ideal for use on outdoor steps. Following refurbishment with Triflex TSS, the surfaces can be cleaned easily using conventional methods.

First, a primer is applied so that stair constructions can be reliably coated with Triflex TSS. Then, the contractors waterproof all the details with Triflex ProDetail. The prepared Triflex Special Fleece cut-outs are applied across the entire surface and any air bubbles are removed. Another layer of Triflex ProDetail is applied. The specialists then apply Triflex ProFloor with a trowel and dress the coating with quartz sand. Finally, Triflex Cryl Finish 205 is used as the finish. Appearance-enhancing Triflex Micro Chips are blown into the finish too. The system can be applied in substrate temperatures of down to 0° C, so stairs can be refurbished even in the cold winter months. Triflex TSS only requires short closure times, so the steps are ready to walk on again after just two hours. Users are therefore only inconvenienced for a short time. Triflex cooperates exclusively with trained and certified contractors to ensure that stairs are coated perfectly at the end of the application process.

Get up and down safely

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