Splendid turrets

Sarah Opitz-Vlachou
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Tin roofs given lasting protection after Triflex refurbishment

The tin roofs of the two turrets of a Viennese apartment house had grown dilapidated and rusty and were no longer an attractive adornment of the building. There were even holes in places so that the underlying attic spaces were no longer protected against the ingress of rainwater. In order to remedy the damage and sustainably preserve the turrets, they were in need of urgent refurbishment, whereby preservation of the original Art Nouveau style was a top priority. The home owners and the tinsmith Robert Schneider, Brunn am Gebirge, Austria, agreed on a combination of sealing and coating from Triflex. Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProFibre were the ideal products for the job and the tinsmith was able to reliably seal even the most complex details. To protect against corrosion and extend the service life of the turrets, the tinsmith applied Triflex Metal Coat to the tin roof construction. Matthias Preizs, Triflex’s Area Sales Manager for Southern Lower Austria/Burgenland/North-East Styria, lent his support during work on-site, thus ensuring proper and reliable application of the products.

The Viennese apartment house was built in 1905 near the popular "Naschmarkt". The building is characterised by a number of Art Nouveau ornamentations that harmonise beautifully with the ambient surroundings. Enhanced with ornaments and decorative lines, the two turrets of the apartment house are elegant landmarks of this city quarter rising above the surrounding rooftops.

Preventing corrosion

Over time, the constant battering of the two turrets by the elements has taken its toll on the 180 m2 tin roofs. Rust had taken a grip of both the domes and the sides of the turrets, and a few components even had holes, so that the roofs no longer offered adequate protection against penetrating moisture. The turrets urgently needed refurbishing in order to reliably seal the damaged spots and permanently protect the tin against the effects of the weather. However, it was also important to preserve the original structure with all its wonderful embellishments.

Refurbishment requirements at a glance:

- Reliable sealing of surface and all details

- Permanent protection of metal roof

- Weather-resistant

- Preservation of original look

Waterproof down to the smallest detail

Triflex offers a combination of a liquid waterproofing and a coating specially developed for metal roofs, making it the ideal solution for this particular refurbishment task. Triflex Metal Primer was used to prime the metal, in particular where there were signs of rust. The fleece-reinforced sealing Triflex ProDetail, based on fast-curing polymethyl methacrylate resin (PMMA), fitted around the details of the turret like a glove. The unique Triflex application technique enabled a homogeneous waterproofing of all joints and details. Because the product is prepared as a thixotropic formulation, the resin reliably bonds with all suitable surfaces, while the full-surface bonding with the substrate prevents any underflow of the waterproofing. For hard-to-reach details, the liquid applied waterproofing specialist has also developed Triflex ProFibre without fleece-reinforcement, which is particularly ideal for filigree decorations. And Triflex Metal Coat is used to extend the service life of metal roofs. This single-component coating with a high polymer base is waterproof and prevents corrosion.

Advantages of Triflex Metal Coat at a glance:

- Long-lasting sealing

- Waterproof

- Weather-resistant

- Corrosion protection

- Variety of colours available

Waterproofing and coating combined

Once Robert Schneider's team of tinsmiths had prepared the substrate with Triflex Cleaner, they carried out repairs on the metal parts where needed. They then primed the surface with rust-inhibiting Triflex Metal Primer. The refurbishment experts waterproofed the top domes and details using Triflex ProDetail, treated hard-to-reach places and filigree elements with Triflex ProFibre and for a final coat, applied Triflex Metal Coat. This long-lasting surface coating was applied in the colour Window grey, which was a nod to the original look of the turrets.

Refurbishment steps in detail:

- Preparation of substrate with Triflex Cleaner

- Repairing of various metal components

- Priming with Triflex Metal Primer

- Waterproofing with Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProFibre

- Coating with Triflex Metal Coat

Long-term protection of inventory

Supported by Triflex Area Sales Manager, Matthias Preizs, the refurbishment experts quickly repaired all weak spots and ensured the permanent waterproofing of the roofs. Because the material moulds itself around the delicate decorations like a second skin and is available in a wide array of colours, it was easy to retain the look of the original turrets. Thanks to the successful joint venture between the liquid applied waterproofing manufacturer, the contractor and home-owners, it was possible to ensured the long-term protection and preserve the beauty of these wonderful Art Nouveau turrets.

Splendid turrets

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