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Art of the table by Unopiù

a collection to lay your table beautifully and feeling like on holiday

To set a table properly in the open air, on a terrace or in a garden, on the sea-side or on the lake, Unopiù proposes a collection of complements for an in-formal and elegant table setting all at once.

The materials are apparently simple like linen and ceramic but refined at the very same time. Their vivid colours recall the nature, like the light blue sky or the deep blue ocean, the green lawns, the yellow wheat fields and the intense red sunsets.

Vivid hues that you can match with fresh flowers to give the table a light-hearted style and offer your guests relax and beauty. Each piece is a sheer ex-ample of the best Italian craftsmanship.

A limited series of soup, dinner and dessert plates are proposed in sets of three pieces, with the possibility to customize the plates by choosing from different motifs thus creating your favourite mix & match set for a very creative and original table. Made of traditional ceramic, kiln baked three times, the plates are realized and hand-painted in Puglia by local artisans with modern and exclusive motifs specifically thought for Unopiù. The series of plates is also enhanced by a salad bowl available in four different versions.

Moreover, Jug, glasses and candle holders, made of rigadin torsé, are hand-crafted in Italy and blown by master glass-blowers through the traditional method of Murano glass manufacturing. These refined glass creations com-bine harmoniously with each other, giving the table setting a special and lu-minous touch.

A line of tablecloths, place mats, table runners, napkins in linen, all available in the colour Unopiù, that one of the blue summer sky on a Mediterranean island or in refined white, completes the collection Art of the table.

All the proposals to lay the table by Unopiù aim to convey a holiday atmos-phere at the very first sight in each time of the year.

Art of the table by Unopiù


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