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TLine by Unopiù

Dove grey and mud, two new elegant and timeless colours

Unopiù has chosen two new elegant colours, dove-grey and mud for the TLine collection designed by Adam D. Tihany for the company. These brand-new hues feature a natural and timeless appeal, enhanc-ing the designs of the line.

Dove grey is such a versatile colour which harmoniously matches with both neutral nuances like cream, white or grey, and with warmer hues like orange or with less usual ones like blue.

Mud is also a neutral shade which well combines with so many other colours, fitting with flexibility any outdoor furniture project and creating a relaxing and nice effect.

They’re both earth shades related to nature, the set selected by Unopiù for its proposals which are purposely conceived to enjoy life in the open air and the breathtaking beauty of natural landscapes.

The brand-new colours dove grey and mud perfectly team up with TLine, a collection which recalls some elements of the past and of the reminiscence but with a contemporary view.

Adam D. Tihany drew inspiration from the decoration of handcrafted laces to create the typical open-work of the line. For this reason, TLine turns out to be an intimate, poetic and familiar furniture proposal. In this collection, the design innovation and the material of usage, the aluminium, seem to melt with memory: the tradition and the future meet up, giving birth to an outdoor furniture proposal from the delicate lines.

“TLine is inspired by embroidery motifs and traditional weaving, blending them with a typically industrial structure in aluminum and with soft graceful lines recalling those of handmade lace. The end result is an ele-gant outdoor collection that captures the poetry of light and shade.”

Adam D. Tihany

TLine range includes two types of chairs, a bar stool, an armchair, two tables, a sun lounger and a two or three-seater sofa. The pattern not only enhances form and function but it also reduces heat absorption, thus facilitating drainage. TLine can be also custom-made thanks to an exclusive system of comfy and adjustable cushions, available in the fabrics wide range of the color collection Unopiù. All the seats are stackable for a practical space-saving solution. The choice of the aluminium as main material makes of TLine a lightweight, easy-to-move and sturdy outdoor furniture proposal.

Created both for residential and contract projects, TLine finds its perfect set in the garden of a French Riviera villa, in the outdoor area of a boutique hotel in Venice, in the courtyard of a modern art museum or in a Mediterranean terraced garden. This highly versatile proposal gets even more flexible thanks to the new mud and dove grey hues which are from now on part of its colour palette.

TLine by Unopiù


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