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The building materials of buildings are not always of the expected quality.

Although it is an aspect that is taken for granted, the building materials of buildings are not always of the expected quality. When a home or other type of building has been built with ephemeral or even toxic materials, the life of the building is reduced. In more extreme cases they can even affect the health of people. In fact, when 20% of the occupants of a building complain about health, it is possible to speak of Sick Building Syndrome, established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Labor.

The Importance of Quality Buildings Materials
The Importance of Quality Buildings Materials

When a project starts, you must carefully select the construction materials. Not only the materials of the exterior elements, such as the facades and roofs, but also the materials inside the building. Every building material count when determining the quality of life of the guests. For example, the profile of the windows, pipes or flooring, are also elements that should be monitored.


Although there are quality controls, there are permitted materials that may be less healthy, such as those containing PVC. In this scenario, WHO recalls that a person spends up to 90% of his time indoors, such as his home or office. That is why the concentration of toxic or polluting elements can take its toll on your health. In this sense, it , has been published the research of Friendly Materials, carried out by the firm of architects PMMT. This research evaluates the adverse health effects caused by building materials that are commonly used. This study aims to raise awareness among construction companies and users of the importance of good quality construction materials for their homes. The purpose of this and other studies is to encourage the design of healthy and efficient buildings.

Rehabilitation as a solution

What happen if our home is toxic? There are many solutions that can help to improve the life of buildings and it can be replaced old materials with more efficient ones. Rehabilitation is one of these solutions. If the building needs to be remodeled, it is important to study the current materials to fix or remove them. The degree of rehabilitation will depend on the damage that the building presents. It can be from a rehabilitation of facades, to an integral rehabilitation of foundations and interior elements of the property.

A future with almost zero energy buildings

As we have already done on other occasions, the European Union has demanded that the Member States make all their buildings with zero energy consumption by 2020. These buildings will not only be efficient, they will also have to be built with quality Construction materials and that guarantee the welfare of the people without causing damages in their health. Thus, the most immediate future of the construction sector is to move towards energy efficiency. Although this requirement is especially directed to new buildings and public buildings, more and more individuals are requesting efficient solutions for their private homes.

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